About Us — Our Story

From humble beginnings…

Steam Bowl Chinese Restaurant made it’s Grand Opening in Kansas City, MO in 1989. Since it’s opening, locals have been filling up the restaurant on a daily basis for lunch and dinner. The unique, atmosphere in combination with fine Chinese cuisine at reasonable prices keeps people coming back.

Where we are today?

Today, Steam Bowl Chinese Restaurant continues to serve Kansas City with its high quality cuisine and its dedication to using only the freshest, high-quality ingredients. We take pride in serving you food that has been freshly prepared in our own kitchens.  We even offer drive-through and Carry-Out in Kansas City, MO.

We are a family establishment — the owners, Mrs. Kim herself, is behind the counter 99 out of 100 times you walk in the door, and Mr. Kim is nearly always in the kitchen. Special care is given to every takeout order and every dish, which is why it isn’t the menu that makes Steam Bowl Chinese special. It’s the execution. Our fried rice is the best in town, the General Tso’s chicken dark and glossy and intense. There are no surprises here, unless you count the unexpected joy of familiar deliciousness.

Long Kim, Chef owner